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Particulate Matter – Fijnstof


Fijnstof VR Lab

In our second bachelor we he had to choose a subject for our personal final project. The subject had to be something from our area of interest. I wanted to learn something new during this project, so I chose for Virtual Reality. I’ve always had a passion for Virtual Reality, so I’ve taken the opportunity to immerse myself in this topic.

As a global subject I wanted to create a data visualization in Virtual Reality. Specific I wanted to visualize particulate matter (air pollution) in a Virtual Reality environment.

As a final result, I created ‘Fijnstof VR Lab’ as a prototype of my concept. ‘Fijnstof VR Lab’ allows people to interact with particulate matter like never before. The purpose of this lab is the visualization of this tiny matter. The lab consists of three different Virtual Reality installations where users can immerse themselves in a unique experience.



Created by

Ibrahim Loukili

Completed on

June 9, 2017


Unreal Engine & Cinema 4D