About me
“Who am I?”
Ibrahim Loukili Digital Designer
I’m Ibrahim Loukili, a Digital Designer and freelancer. As a well rounded Interaction designer I make sure that systems, interfaces and graphics are humanfriendly, emotive, aesthetically pleasing and usable. The ability to see the big picture as well as being a fast learner makes me capable of working in areas of all types. This portfolio represents a few of the things that inspire me about my work.
My Passion
“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”
Web design & development
Small websites, Business Landingpages, Productpages or E-commerce platforms
Logo design,  Advertising, Social Media, Printmedia (e.g. Bussines Cards, Flyers,…)
Motion design
Brand videos, Explainer videos, Cinematography, Logo animation,…

My timeline

februari 2018 - may 2018
Internship at Mediaan
For my internship assignment I joined the team of Mediaan for 3 months. The internship at Mediaan has brought a lot of opportunities for me. I have learned a lot and I have worked in challenging projects for international clients. On top of that it was a lovely team.
September 2017 - Present
Co-founder & digital designer at Juiced
Middel 1
Juiced is a one-stop-shop for the online and offline communication of SMEs, small businesses, start-up’s, … Together we build and launch their success story. At Juiced we create outstanding websites, corporate identities and design printmedia. Our young vision has the advantage that we are strong in designing and developing websites, graphic design, branding, social media, … See more at juiced.be
Juni 2017 - Present
Started as freelancer & student-entrepreneur
I started as a freelancer & student-entrepreneur so I could use my skills to help businesses grow with their online and offline communication. As a Digital designer and Content Creator, I design and develop online and offline media, like: websites, branding, motion design, advertising…
Master Communication and Media Design - Interaction Design
A new chapter of my life begins. I started at the course ‘Interaction Design’ in Luca School of Arts in Genk. I finally could work with something that’s related to my interests; working with new technology, motion design, branding, web design & development…
Latest works
"A collection of my work and showcases"
12GO – Innovative transport management
Eva’s Biological Cleaning
Logo Design – Bureauzone
Webdesign – TMB Personenvervoer
Logo & Business card – TMB Personenvervoer
LOGO & Billboard – Maasland Hand Carwash
Barbershop Gloreal
Online Membership Guidebook
Logo & Business Card – BEN.SA Klusjesman
New Portfolio
"Will be live soon"

I am currently working on a new portfolio. I had many projects in the recent months, so it was difficult for me to finish designing and building my personal portfolio. It will be live soon with a refreshed design, faster loading speed and more projects added in my work section.

Sneak Peek: